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WIFIL Chapter 60: If happy ever after did exist.

Nasa bahay lang palagi si Julie. Ayaw niya na din lumabas dahil ayaw niyang makasalubong si Elmo.

Julie: sana..ako yung pinili mo Elmo… *bigla na naman siya umiyak*

Nadatnan siya na ganito ni Paul

Paul: kapatid… umiiyak ka na naman.. *hinug niya si Julie*

Mas lalong naiyak si Julie.

Paul: tahan na… 

Julie: Paul…so-sob-sobrang masakit…

Paul: makakahanap ka din ng mas pa kay sa kanya. yung dapat sayo. yung hindi ka paiiyakin.

Julie: *umiling lang ng umiling habang umiiyak* 

Naiintindihan ni Paul ang iling ni Julie at inaakap niya ulit ito.

Julie: sobrang mahal ko siya Paul…

3 days to got before the wedding..

Hindi pa din naalis sa isip ni Elmo ang lahat ng nangyari sa kanila ni Julie nung engagement party… ilang beses na siyang tumatawag sa phone niya..kahit sa bahay nila Julie…pumupunta pa ito arawaraw at nagbabantay..dahil umalis na ang dalaga at sila yayanay sa kanilang bahay.. gustuhin man niyang malaman kung nasaan nakatira ang mommy stella ni Julie ay hindi niya rin magawa…masyadong private ang mommy ni Julie kaya walang nakakaalam…

\Elmo’s POV: Julie…i need you..i miss you…i need you…

Hindi niya na naman makayang magpigil ng luha at oumatak na naman ito.

Lumapit sa kanya si Laura at umupo ito sa tabi niya. Si Laura ang punong abala sa lahat ng kailangan sa wedding. Walang ginagawa si Elmo kundi pumunta sa garden at tumulala.

Laura: wedding’s in 3 days…

Elmo: *nods* and not looking forward to it.

Laura: Elmo…

Tumingin lang ito sa kanya at binigyan ng tila naiinis na mukha

Laura: -sighs-  I just wish…you will love me as much as you love her kapag kasal na tayo… *tumayo*

Elmo: laura.

dahilan para mapahinto si Laura

Elmo:that will..never happen. never.

Nagtinginan lang silang dalawa at tumayo si Elmo at umalis.


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'This was your choice!”,she sighed while facing in front of the mirror also checkiing herself before leaving.

"You wanted this Julie!So don’t blame anyone about this.Even him!",she bit her lip while reminiscing that night.

"You like me do you?!",he smirked at her after pulling her outside the club and made her lean on the wall.

"no…I…I….don’t!",she looked away from his oh-so-irresistable gaze.

"LIAR!",he exclaimed and ending up kissing her passionately.

Julie,who was in state of shock just kept her eyes open for a few seconds.Taking it all in slowly…and without even being aware of it,she finally closed her eyes.
But then her mind brought her back to reality and made her realized what was really happening.So she pushed him away with all her force but to no luck,he was
still stronger than her so the push only made him backed away from her  for only a few inches.She expected him to mad at her but instead,he just laughed at her reaction
and completely enclosing her by placing his other hand against the wall too.

"How dare you stole my first kiss!!!Go away from me!",fidgeting in order for him to let her go but this didn’t help her at all.He grabbed her her hands and placed it underneath his against the wall in order for her to stop.

"You are so full of yourself!ARE YOU EVEN AWARE OF THAT?!",julie glared at him.

"It’s all because of you..you gave me that confidence babe..",he said calmly and winked at her.

"You bast- "he cut her sentence by kissing her again but this time it’s more agressive and but is still gentle as ever.

Ending up the kiss,he finally let her go.the moment Julie thought it was all over……

"Oops!I just stole your second kiss too!..now that’s not an accident anymore!",he winked to her once again.

She got the message.He knew that she won’t count the previous kiss as her first kiss and will probably tell her friends it was just an “accident”.

"Oh and also because you kissed me back!",he grinned childishly while starting to walk away.

"YOU’RE GONNA REGRET THIS!!",she shouted irritably.

This made him stop and faced her again.He smiled,”Oh geez!I didnt STOLE your FIRST KISS!because I know you wanted it too!”

Julie opened her mouth ready to shot back but then he continued “and there’s nothing wrong with kissing my new girlfriend right?!”,he smirked. and continued
walking once again.

"Wh-WHAT?!GIRLFRIEND?!?!",her eyes grew bigger.She could not believe what she just heard from him.She looked at him again. "ELMO!COME BACK HERE!",she shouted and started running after him.

It was during a party hosted by GMA network bosses to celebrate their year-end successful rating.Well…Julie could not deny that she’s insanely in love with Mr. I-don’t-care-about-anyone-slash-arrogant but still manage to hold the title of being the matinee idol for 4 years in the business. Elmo never believed in long term relationships.he was always very vocal about this but fan girls and ‘those girls’ were still hoping that his perspective would change one day and try to look at them.However,Julie,who was his ka loveteam, sees him everyday and acts like the sweetest couple in town for their roles,was never attracted to him at all. In fact,they were not that close after the cameras stops rolling. Not after they had a very weird first conversation…that’s where it all started.What’s more ironic and irritating about is that their interests didn’t match at all! well maybe some…and all throughout the conversation,they even fought about some things…their opinions clashed. Julie who was never a good listener, unbelievably listened to his views deeply. Maybe that’s where he got her. She didn’t even know why he sat beside her in the first place. From that day onwards,he started talking to her more..but more of in a flirting way.She tried to ignore him but he would always find a way to get her and talk to her just like what happened that night during the party.

"Yep Julie!It was your decision…you should’ve said no…or maybe asked your manager to stop this teamup…no..wait…you won’t!you love your fans and this is all for them…but still!you could’ve said or do something to ignore him!",she mentally scolded herself.

"…..but i couldn’t say no….",Julie pouted as she walked towards her huge king sized bed.

Taking a pillow,she hugged it tightly.Then her phone lit up.It was a message form Elmo.

The message says”hey..I won’t be eating lunch with you today..caught up with my taping for today…very sorry..but i’ll still see you later for dinner perhaps?”

She pressed the reply button and typed “but you promised..” then she decided to delete it and replaced it with “sure!I understand…see you <3”and pressed the sent button.

Then she realized what she did which made her scold herself again.”SEE WHAT I MEAN?!You can’t even reject him!what’s worse is that you’re not even mad at him for cancelling his promised lunch!WHICH!he kept on postponing!URGH!Julie!you could have done better than that!”,slightly slapped her forehead and buried her face on a pillow once again.When she opened her eyes,she noticed a picture placed at the bedside table.It was a candid picture of Elmo kissing her while she was pouting taken by her best friend,Kena.She didn’t like the shot…no!she NEVER liked the shot!sure Elmo looked as cute as ever in that photo but she,looked like a little girl who was so frustrated that she didn’t get to blow her candles on her birthday.Yep.that face.Everytime she attempts to hide it,Elmo would usually oppose.His reason?she looked the cutest in that photo and the look was priceless!

"It was his fault anyway…",Julie rolled her eyes

They were at Kena’s party for her first photo exhibit.What’s more special about it is that,it was their first time to attend a party together as a couple.They were sitting at corner where almost no one could see them.Julie was sitting on Elmo’s lap and her head was on his chest while he was drumming his fingers that was placed on her waist.

"moe….",she said soflty while staring at the people happily dancing on the dancefloor and lights were reflecting on them randomly as the Dj plays some sick beats for them.

"Hmmm?",he replied as he shifted his hand to her arms and caressing her softly.

"Let’s dance.."

and the argument starts there…


"Why?!",she pouted.

"Be..because I dont want to?",closing his eyes in order to resist her puppy eyes and her pouting lips.

"We came to a party not to isolate ourselves but to celebrate Kena’s success on her photo exhibit.We suppose to have fun just like what you always do last time!",she grimaced.

"I already told you I was not in the mood to attend this party but you still insisted!,he snapped back.

"Well i’m sorry for insisting you to attend the party with me because I wanted this night to be special since this was suppose to be our first party attending as a couple AND attending this party with my FIRST boyfriend which is really special to me!you know yourself I always treasure my firsts!",she stood up and sat far away from him but still on the same couch since it was the only couch in the the VIP room.

"shesh!stupid elmo!you’re so stupid!"Elmo mentally scolded himself.

He moved closer towards her but she acted like no one was there beside her.

"Lie…you wanna dance?"He could hear loud music blasting and people murmuring since they’re inside the room but not Julie’s voice.
author’s note:in this one shot Elmo calls Julie Lie as in Lee :)

"Lie…come on..the music is nice now…please?let’s dance?",he attempted to hold her hand but she pull it right away.

"NO!",she said in an angry tone

"Since you don’t have the mood to be with me tonight..or rather attend this party,then I think I should not bother talking to you.There are loads of people who wanted to talk to me just now but I ignored them since my PRIORITY was you.But I guess i couldn’t have same treatment as you.so,if you’ll excuse me,I got better things to do like making myself happy just for TONIGHT.",she stood up and went out from the VIP room.

"Lie!",he stood up and followed her.

He followed wherever she go and this made Julie more irritated.

Julie turned around with that oh-so-seductive face “see elmo?she cant resist you”,he thought to himself.Julie then went near to him and hugged him.

She then whispered softly,”if you don’t stop following me,i won’t sleep in your house for a month.ya dig?”ending her sentence with a smirk and batting her eyelashes.
This made Elmo backed away.”Damn!she got me”,he hissed while looking at Julie who was now back talking with her friends.As time goes by he just kept on staring at her thinking on how to apologize to her.

"Buy her a cake?No!That sucks Elmo.Sing for her?what?!since when did you have the guts to sing a very mushy song?!okay.i’ll sing.and then what?!…….OH I KNOW!",he laughed to himself which cause some people to look at him weirdly and caused him to look down.

Elmo stood up and looked around the room.When he saw a woman who was wearing a black mini dress and her hair was curled up, he smiled and approached her.

"Kena!party’s amazing and the photos are dope.Well done my friend.",He smiled and pat Frencheska’s back lightly.

His gesture made Kena faced him. “let me guess…..got in trouble again?”, she smirked.

"well…uh……ye-yeah…", he scratched his head softly.

Kena couldn’t help but to chuckle while shaking her head. “Tell me your plan”

He smiled childishly.

after 15 mins……..

Elmo went to the stage and borrowed the mic from the DJ

"ahmmm…excuse me ladies and gentlemaen..may I have your attention please?"

All of their attention was shifted to him.. including Julie…

"uh…..you see I screwed up with my girlfriend again…."

the crowd reacted to his statement..he heard “booos”,”i bet it’s his fault”

"so in order to apologize to her… I would like to ask her to dance in front of you guys…Lie….would you like to dance?",he looked at her like he was begging

All their attention was shifted to Julie

Julie felt embarassed and was now all red..she was not used to this…knowing she was the shy type in school.

This made her more pissed.


The people again reacted with murmurs saying “why??”,”come on give him a chance”

This made Élmo’s face was more contorted.

"Look, I know i was selfish back there… and I’m very sorry.."

Julie just rolled her eyes trying to make him feel more burdened.

"fine then….. now i’ve got no choice but to show them my piece of ART.", Elmo winked at her.

Julie gave him a bemused expression “huh?oh sh*t!No!!”, Julie ran towards the stage.

"Fine!Fine! I’ll dance with you", she glared at him.

Elmo jump down from the stage. “i know i’ll get you!”, he smirked.

Julie glared at Elmo while Elmo just chuckled and hugged her and kissed the top of her head. She didn’t know that Elmo also sinalled to the AVP man to show them his ‘artwork’ while hugging her which the crowd reacted with their ‘awws’.

He ended the kiss and whispered to Julie, “look at the screen.”

It was a beautiful shot of Julie while she was sleeping. It was a grayscaled shot and it was so perfect…the angles…the lightings..everything.

"Everyone knows that every piece of art is an inspiration…. you’re my art.", he looked at her sincerely.

Julie could not hide her tears…she playfully hit him and burried her face on his chest. she whispered “thank you.” to him and buried her face again.

Kena caught Elmo’s attention who was now holding a camera and he got what she was trying to do.

"I know you couldn’t resist my sweetness.", Elmo teased her.

This caused Julie to look up to him and pouted “I HA—” Julie was cut off by Elmo who made her face the camera and kissed her near her lips.

Kena took that picture and laughed when she saw Julie’s reaction in her shot.


"he always get away with things plainly because he knows how to soften my heart….but what can I do? I love him..", she sighed.


She was now seated in front of Elmo in a room painted in black. He was staring at her while smiling.. it wasn’t his usual smile….there was something with that smile….

"What’s up with that?", she a furrowed her brows.

"What? What’s wrong with smiling?", Elmo said while acting innocent.

"Ha! gotcha! I never mentioned about your smile.", Julie stuck out her tongue.

Elmo just rolled his eyes.

"Okay guys! Be ready! Cameras will start rolling in 3,2,1 !"

"Hi everyone! This is me Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo’s with me."<she smiled at the camera.

"Hey guys!", he waved at the camera.

"We’re suppose to there in Showbiz Central studio right now but unfortunately, we’re too caught up with our photo shoot right now and we couldn’t leave. But luckily, SC came up an idea that we’ll still have do this interview live with you guys and so they came here."

"And I think it’s more intimate because this is our first one-on-one interview Lie.",Elmo added.

"Yes and we’re going to answer your questions which you sent via Showbiz Central’s facebook and twitter.", Julie said.

"And we shall start now.",Elmo chuckled.

"Okay this question is from Jana Mae… she asked: what was our first impression towards each other."

"Ahm..I think you were cold.. aloof perhaps?Oh and snobbish", Julie laughed softly.

"I get those everytime thank you." ,Elmo said sarcastically.

"Can you blame me? You were acting like you were isolated from everyone!."

"May I remind you, I’m a shy person Lie.", he raised an eyebrow.

"Oh what ever but I was wrong okay you were not snobbish at all",Julie said who was still laughing.

"Well my first impression to you was…you were really…really beautiful and my first impression was correct.",Elmo looked into her eyes.

Julie blushed with his statement.

"Thank you Moe….",she smiled at him.

Elmo couldn’t help but to smile too.

Then they suddenly heard a ringing sound. It was an alert that they need to start the ‘quick answers’ portion in their interview in 30 seconds.

"I should ask you questions.", he smirked.

"ang daya!", Julie pouted.

"Sige na… I was answering the past questions naman eh..", Elmo said.

"Fine…fine.", Julie exclaimed.

"And the timer starts now!"

"Blue or Orange?"

"Blue!",she said excitedly.

"sneakers or heels?"


"Do you like dogs?"


"Do like dark chocolates?"


"Do you love you mother?"


"How about Tito Jonathan?"


"Do you love me?"


"Will you marry me then?"


Do you like cats?

"prefer dogs."

"Do you eat vegetables?"

"Ye-", she stopped answering when she realized something which made her cover her mouth.

"Oh…my…God…Moe,what did you ask just now?!?!?!", she asked him. She could not breath evenly.


"You know what question!", she panicked.

But unfortunately, Elmo didn’t answer her question. Instead, he just said,”there’s no taking back of answers. Rule number 1.”

"So, shall we go on to the next question?which is from Diana and she asked: how did you guys manage to be strong?for both reel and real."

"I think I should answer this question.",Elmo said.

"Well Diana, I think it’s because of the patience we both have… actually,it’s more on Julie.Really. Her patience since from the start with this teamup,towards me is unbelievable. I really don’t know how she managed though…and I know she deserves more better after everything that I did to her in past…the confusions that I gave her about my feelings towards her..me being late on our dates..everything..and God knows how thankful I am that she didn’t gave up..that she’s still mine and that is why just now, I asked her if she will marry me.", he looked at her lovingly and got up to wipe her tears and to held her hand and took out the thing on her finger….

"Remember what I told you?",he knelt down in front of her.


Elmo opened his eyes and blinked for several times in order to adjust his sight….He was now lying in bed only wearing boxers…he was smiling the moment he was awake..he then shifted his gaze towards an angel sleeping soundly..her whole body was enclosed with a blanket  except for her two arms…she was not facing him and he could only see her bare back so he went closer and at the same time he slowly slid his hand slowly between her pillow and her face and rested it on her arm.While his right hand was busy gathering her hair that was covering her face and her neck towards her back.

The moment he saw her face after clearing all the hair, he smiled.

They just had their first passionate night and it was the greatest night of his life…it was full of love…yes..love…

He stared at her for a few minutes. He then hugged her waist..when he noticed that she was starting to move a bit..he know he was gonna wake up soon so he tickled her by gently rubbing his nose unto her neck whuch caused her to shudder. She then opened her eyes slowly and the moment she realized that he was cuddling her, she smiled and giggled and caressed his face.

"Hey….", he muttered softly. He kissed her shoulder and rested his chin on it.

"hmmm….what’s up with the cuddle? It’s only 3:30 am",she mumbled after checking at the time.

She shifted to her left while holding unto the blanket…the only thing that was covering her..

"Nothing… I just find you beautiful…not that you’re not in other days…and too cute,he said softly while playing the bridge of her nose using his index finger"

"Really now Magalona?", she raised her eyebrows.

"Yes.", he looked at her sincerely.

"Why so serious?hmm?",she said softly before before giving him a peck on the lips.

"I just realized something..", he smiled.

"And what is that may I ask?",she replied.

"Give me a sec..let me get something..",He sat up and open the bedside table drawer.

He pulled a string from the drawers.

"come give me your hands…"

"what’s up with you?", Julie also sat up while holding unto the blanket.

"just give me yourhand", Elmo said excitedly.

"oh…okay?", Julie gave her hand to him.

Elmo held her hand and place a string on her right ring finger and tied a triple knot to secure it. He then kissed the knot that he made while Julie just keep on staring at him

Julie knows this isn’t a proposal and besides she knows both of them are not ready for that. “Elmo is acting really weird these past few days…”,she thought while staring at him. He was so sweet…he even cooked for her even if he doesn’t know how…he has been asking her to have their dinner at restaurants…he fetch  her on time now….and he had been extremely sweet to her like he cuddles to her all the time…even if they’re just watching tv,acts like a baby sometimes wearing those irrisistable pouts just to get a kiss from her…all of these things are so weird since Elmo doesn’t do all of it all the time…the Elmo she knows tries very hard to act like a cold person. She was the sweet one and Elmo just tend to end up being sweet to her after.

"A string?",she mumbled.

"A string….", Elmo looked at her.

He continued, ” strings are not that strong….and when it breaks, it can always be fixed…just like what you always do…., He looked at her lovingly.

"Huh?", Julie looked at him suriously.

"You’re the one who always put in more effort…. who has always been so understanding with my stubborness…. you were always the better one in this…not me…and it sucks because i feel like I should the one who’s doing all of it… ", he looked down.

"Moe…..", she caressed her face. "I told you it’s okay…I’m happy with you and that’s all that matters..okay?", she smiled.

"No! I know I can do better and that’s why I’ve been acting weird these past few days…but i’m trying Lie…..", he said sincerely.


"I love you.", Elmo said while looking into her eyes.

It was the first time he said that and Julie couldn’t believe what he just said which left her mouth hang open.

Elmo chuckled after seeing Julie’s reaction. “It might not be that strong for now…but all I know is… I love you..”, he looked at her in the eyes to show her that he really mean it.

Julie on the other hand couldn’t help but to pout and tears started to flow oh her cheeks.

"Why?please don’t cry Lie….", Elmo said in a worried tone at the same time wiping her tears.

"nothing…..I’m just happy…..so happy to hear what you just said….", Julie pouted.

"and I love you too…", she replied softly with a smile.

Elmo ended the convversation with a kiss and leaned his forehead to hers after.

"I love you….and when the right time comes, I’ll change THAT." , he smiled and got up

"change what?" , she gave him  a bemused expression.

"you’ll know..", he winked at her.


Elmo finished untying the string oh her ring finger and took out a small box from his pocket. He opened the box showing a ring which diamonds was all over it. It looked like the ring was made up of diamonds.

"Remember I told you that I’ll change something?This is what I was pertaining to. They diamonds are forever and if it’s the only thing that will prove my love for you is eternal then so be it. Julie Anne,I love you very much. Will you marry me?", he looked into her eyes.

"Elmo you didn’t have to! You’ve proven enough.", Julie manage to whisper. She was still crying. Too overwhelmed by Elmo’s words and proposal.

"So is that a yes?", he said in a hopeful tone.

"You said there no taking back of answers.", Julie teased him.

"And if you could change it, you’ll say no?", Elmo said and his face fell.

"Of course…..NOT! My answer is still Yes!YES Moe!I’ll marry you!",she said excitedly.

Elmo excitedly placed the ring on her finger and hugged her.

"I love you Lie."

"I love you too Moe."

And they ended the interview with a kiss.


Chapter 59: Something always brings me back to you.

Lahat ng tao ay tumingin kay Julie dahil sa pag volunteer nito…

Julie:*huminga ng malalim* kaya mo to julie.

Ng makarating na siya sa stage….

Julie:uhm…good evening everyone….uhm…congratulations to both you…*tumingin kila Elmo and Laura.*…it is indeed a sudden wedding right?…well…you can never really question love…that’s what I learn from my mother….because there is no definite answer when it comes to love….

Julie:All of you might be wondering why I wanted to give a message….it’s because…*tumingin sa daddy niya na andun din sa crowd*….because….Laura….is…..is…a good friend of mine and Elmo was my mentor..uhm….I just wanna say…Laura…please…don’t be like someone that i know*tumingin kay Erma*..someone so desperate…someone who doesn’t care kung sino maapakan niya…masasaktan..baliwalain na may pamilyang mawawasak….may taong maaagrabiyado..baliwalain lahat para lang makuha yung gusto niya…*smiles*….kasi nakuha niya nga…pero tingnan mo….*smirks*

Julie:just…..just be sure that you’re legal.*smiles*

Author’s note:remember that Julie’s mom is still alive so that means Erma&Julie’s dad’s wedding is not legal anymore.>:D

Ang mga taong nakaintindi sa sinabi ni Julie ay tumawa….revenge nga ito…habang si Erma ay sobrang inis na kay Julie pero ayaw niyang mag react dahil baka mabuko na siya ang tinutukoy ni Julie.

Julie:And to Elmo….*sighs at iniiwasan ang tingin ni Elmo sa kanya*

Julie:please be a good husband to Laura…don’t be like someone that I know too…please trust your wife *tumingin kay Daddy niya at naluluha na*…kasi alam ko hindi niya kayang magsinungaling sayo…you should only trust your wife….kasi kung hindi…..baka mawala lang yung sayo yung….yung pamilya mo…baka may masaktan ka….ng sobra dahil binaliwala mo lang sila….*pinipiglan ni Julie umiyak habang nakatingin sa daddy niya*

Julie:Laura…*lumingon kay laura* *whispers* please….take good care of him…dahil alam ko…aalagaan ka niya….napaka swerte mo…..ikaw ang pinili niya.

Umiiyak na si Julie habang nakangiti..lahat ng sinabi niya ay narinig ni elmo….hindi niya alam ang gagawin…gustong gusto niya na kunin na lamang si Julie at lumayo…

Julie:again….best wishes….*wipes her tears*

Nung bumaba na siya ay sinalubong siya ni Sam..


Julie:Sam..it’s nice meeting you but…..I just need some time alone..

Andun din si Paul lalapit na sana kaso…

Julie:Paul please…

Walang namang nagawa si Paul kundi tumango na lang….kinakailangan niya lang talaga mapagisa.

Nung lumabas na siya sa ball room ay may biglang humawak sa balikat niya. Alam niya na kung sino iyon..at napapikit na lang siya…

Julie:I want to be alone…and if sasabihan mo lang ako na hindi na dapat ako nagsalita,huwag na….tama na…ayo-

Pero bigla siya pinaharap nito at hinalikan…..the next thing she knew…nakasandal na siya sa pinto at inisara na eto ng kusa dahil sa force ng pagkasandal niya sa pinto…he still kissed her passionately…nandoon na lahat ng emotions sa mga halik nila…anger…longing…love…..hanggang sa umabot na sila sa higaan…bumaba ang halik nito at hinalikan siya sa leeg…siya naman ay nakapikit lang at dinadama ang mga halik niya pero bigla siyang natauhan…


Ngunit hindi siya tumigil….sa bawat halik ay mas lalo pa siyang naghina.kaya inalis niya ang mukha nito…

Julie:we…can’t….*hindi siya makatingin kay Elmo*

Pero hinawakan niya ang kanyang mukha at hinarap ito sa kanya..

Elmo:I love you too much…

At hinalika siya ulit…alam niya na na hindi na siya matitigilan ito…dahil sobrang hina niya na….hanggang ngayon pagdating kay Elmo ay mahina siya..and then they shared a night full of passion and love…..


Natutulog ngayon ng mahimbing ang dalaga sa kanyang bisig…siya naman ay pinaglalaruan niya lang ang kanyang buhok at hinahaplos ang balikat niya..

Hindi niya kayang mawala si Julie sa buhay niya….hindi..

Elmo:aayusin ko to…..*hinalikan ang noo ni Julie*

Nagising siya na may nakaramdam ng masakit sa katawan niya….at naalala niya ang nangyari kagabi…at bigla siyang naluha…

Julie’s POV:ang tanga tanga mo talaga…

inalis niya ang kamay na nakayakap sa kanya…at kahit man masakit siyang gumalaw ngayon ay kinakailangan niyang umalis habang tulog pa ito..hinanap niya ang kanyang small purse dahil nandoon ang kanyang cellphone…pero nasa side ito ni elmo kaya naman naramdaman siya nito..

Dalidali niyang kinuha ang purse pero hinawakan siya ni elmo sa kamay..


Julie:ano?masaya ka na?kinuha mo na lahat sa akin?Elmo pati yung pinaka pinanghahalagahan ko….*humarap siya kay Elmo*

Elmo:kung ano man ang nangyari satin ay wala akong pinagsisihan…because last night I made you feel how much I love you…I know you felt it…

Naluluha na naman si Julie…Si elmo naman ay hinila niya si julie ng marahan sa tabi niya at pinunasan ang mga luha ni julie using his thumb.

Elmo:stop crying please?….*hinalikan niya sa pisngi si Julie*

Elmo:I know i’ve hurt you…but I promise i’ll fix this….I love you too much Julie…

At kinuha ang kanang kamay ni Julie at hinalikan ng marahan….

Agad namang inalis ni Julie ang kamay niya at tumingin kay Elmo

Julie:huli na….mas pinili mo siya…huli na Elmo

Tumayo si Julie at dali daling lumabas sa hotel room ni Elmo.

sinubukan man niyang habulin si Julie ngunit naka aalis na ito..


Napaupo siya sa stairs ng lobby ng hotel at kinulong ang mukha niya sa kanyang mga kamay at doon na siya umiyak..


sobra pong nahirapan ako…I can go on to the ‘details’..para po sakin sobrang detailed na po yung scene na yon *blush*

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Chapter 58: The Party.

Nakarating na sa venue sila Julie. Sa isang five star hotel gaganapin ang engagement party nila Elmo at Laura.



Paul:baka pwede naman na ibahin mo iyang pinaplano mo.

Julie:tss.*pumasok na sa ballroom ng hotel.*

Paul:diyos ko…..gabayan niyo po siya sa tamang daan…at patawarin niyo na din po siya.

Julie:let’s go Paul!


Nasa isang sulok na sila ngayon ng ballroom. Hindi ito yung usual na puro tables lang at upuan…instead,parang ginawa nilang bar ang ballroom ng hotel. Lahat ng tao ay sumasayaw at may hawak na drinks.

Paul:ano ba talaga ginagawa natin dito?

Julie:Paul…just enjoy…..

Paul:pupunta lang ako sa banyo. Dito ka lang. Huwag kang aalis.

Julie:*hindi nakinig*

Hindi alam ni Julie na may nakatingin na pala sa kanya  simula nung pumasok siya sa venue. Gwapong lalaki naka white vneck and blazer at jeans lang ito.


Ikinagulat naman ito ni Julie.


Lalaki:having fun?


tumawa lang ito sa kanya at tinitigan ulit siya.

Julie:you know it’s rude to stare at people especially to a stranger?

Lalaki:I can’t help it….you’re beautiful.*smiles*

Julie:are you trying to flirt with me?*tumaas ang kilay*

Lalaki:you said it’s rude to stare at people especially strangers. Then i shall introduce myself. I’m Samuel Lawrence Lopez Concepcion. You can call me Sam :) *nag offer ng shake hands*

Ayaw sana ni Julie pero ayaw niya din naman masabihan ng walang manners..

Julie:*nakipag shake hands* Nice to meet you. Julie. Julie Anne San Jose 

Sam:of course! The only daughter of Rodell San Jose and Stella. *tumawa ng konti*

Julie:got that right…

Sam:my pleasure to finally meet you Ms San Jose. *kinuha ang kamay ni Julie at hinalikan*

Tamang tama ay dumating si elmo sa venue at nakita niya ito.

Elmo: what the?!

Julie:*agad na kinuha ang kamay niya and smiled awkwardly.*

Sam:do you want some drink?

Julie:i dont…drink.thank you.

Sam:how about some sweet tea?

Julie:i’m fine really.


Julie:uh…..fine.just one. 

Sam:just one :)

Si elmo naman ay hindi maalis ang tingin niya sa dalawa ang nanlilisik ang mata.


Elmo:Paul?ano ginagawa niyo dito?di ba sabi ko sa inyo huwag kayo pumunta?especially Julie?

Paul:ayaw ni Julie makinig talaga.

Elmo:baka saktan na naman siya ni Erma paul.

Paul:iyon nga din sinabi ko kaso ayaw makinig.

Elmo:tell you what…drag her na lang and make sure you’ll get to leave befire the speech. she can be hurt again Paul.

Paul:gagawin ko makakaya ko.

Elmo:please Paul

Paul:*tumango lang*

Paglingon ni Julie sa kanan ay nakita niya si Elmo na nakatitig lang sa kanilang dalawa ni Sam. Habang si Elmo ay dinadaan na lang sa paginom ng alak ang inis at inggit na nararamdaman niya ngayon.


Sam:What’s up?

Julie:oh nothing.

Sam:do you wanna dance?

Julie:*tiningnan ulit si Elmo* sure.

Kinuha ni Sam ang kamay ni Julie at pumunta sa dancefloor. Nilagay ni julie ang kanyang kamay sa balikat ni Sam at si ang kay Sam naman ay nakalagay sa waist ni Julie. Nag slow dance sila kahit na up beat ang music. Hindi naman ito nakaligtas sa paningin ni Elmo na mas lalong nagalit.

Sam:*bulong kay Julie* we…dance….weird….\

Julie:*tumawa lang*


Lumapit si Elmo kay Julie ng bigla siya kinuha ni Laura.


Laura:we have to go to the stage. magbibigay na sila ng messages satin.

Elmo:What if I dont want to?


Elmo:what ever Laura.


Message giving went well then….

Erma:are they anyone pa na gustong magbigay ng message?

sa hindi inaasan….



Paul:umayos ka Julie!

Julie:I can handle.

Erma:look what do we have here…..

Erma’s POV:this is good…..*smirks*

Erma:well then…let’s have Miss Julie to give her message to the couple. Miss Julie?


WIFIL Chapter 57: Revenge

Tinawagan na ni Julie ang kanilang driver para abangan siya sa lobby ng venue. Naririnig niya padin si Elmo na tinatawag siya at hinahanap.Ng dumating na ang sasakyan ay dalidali itong pumasok para hindi siya maabutan ni Elmo.

Julie:Manong…kila Mommy po..

Manong Driver:opo ma’am.

"how can you do this to me Elmo?how?".Paulitulit niya na tinatanong ito sa sarili niya habang nakatingin sa bintana,umiiyak.

Mg makarating sila sa condo ng mommy niya…


Stella:*binuksan ang pinto* oh princess?oh my….bakit ka umiiyak?pasok ka…

Pagpasok ni Julie sa cindo ng mama niya ay agad itong niyakap ang ina.

Stella:shh…tell me what happened….

And Julie told her everything…masakit paara sa kanya na nakikitang ganito ang anak niya.


Julie:magiging okay din siguro ako ma…

Stella:you want me to talk to Elmo?

Julie:no ma…I dont want to see him anymore..

Stella:but your love…

Julie:if he really did love me ma,hindi nangyayari to.

Stella:dont you think na dapat mo siya ipaglaban?

Julie:ma….napapagod na ako….*biglang umiyak na naman* simula pa pagkabata ko….ako palagi yung lumalaban…wala naman atang gustong ipaglaban ako ma….pagod na pagod na ako….

Stella:shh…*niyakap ulit si Julie*

Stella’s POV: i shall put an end to your plans Erma. saktan mo lang ako huwag lang ang anak ko.


Makalipas ang dalawang araw….

Paul:kamusta na po siya?

Stella:i dont know how to make her feel better Paul….umiiyak yan palagi….ayaw naman kumain…

Paul:po?hindi na po tama to tita….pati kalusugan niya…

Stella:i managed to make her eat something kahit konti lang…pero tama ka nga Paul…we have to do something.

Julie:Ma,i’m going somewhere..i’ll be right back.

Nabigla sila ni Paul ng lumabas si Julie…at parang nag iba na siya….parang wala lang nangyari…


Julie:Paul?andiyan ka pala.

Paul:okay ka lang?

Julie:oo naman *ngumiti*


Julie:lika samahan mo ako sa mall..may bibilhin ako.


Bago pa makareact si Paul ay kinuha na ni Julie ang kamay niya at umalis.


Sa mall…

Paul:ano bang ginagawa natin dito?at bakit ka bibili ng damit?

Julie:pupunta ako sa engagement party nila Laura.


Julie:*hindi pinansin ang reaction ni Paul at nagpatuloy sa pagpili ng damit*

Paul:nasisiraan ka na ba ng bait?!pinapatay mo ata sarili mo ah!

Julie:revenge is…..sweet. trust me.*umalis para magbayad*

Paul:hindi!hindi ako papayag!

Julie:di wag kang sasama.

Paul:julie! ano ba?mapapahamak ka lang!!!!hindi ka pa nadala kay Erma?!tapos masasaktan ka lang!Julie andon si Elmo!ano ka ba!

Huminto si Julie sa paglakad at hinarap si Paul.

Julie:ano pang sakit ang hindi ko kaya Paul?sige nga?sabihin mo sa akin!ano pa?pinapatay na ako ng babaeng iyon,kinuha ang mahal ko ano pa?

Paul:kaya nga!ayokong madurog pa ang pagkatao mo!pag pumunta ka doon,gagawin niya ang lahat mapahiya ka lang!magisip ka naman Julie Anne!

Julie:pwes,kapalan na lang ng mukha kami mamaya.simple as that.*nagpatuloy sa paglakad*

Napapikit na lang si Paul ng marinig niya ang sinabi ni Julie. Alam niyang masasaktan lang ito. Hindi niya din naman maiiba ang desisyon ni Julie sa ngayon kaya ang tanging magagawa niya ay samahan siya mamaya para may kakampi ito.


Nasa harap ng salamin ngayon si Julie…nakasuot ng red fitted dress at naka curl ang buhok nito..she looked so sexy and beautiful.

Julie:hindi na ako magpapatalo ngayon erma. hindi na.


abbyencela asked: ehhhh!!!!! so excited for the imperfect love! gaya ng wifil, alam kong magiging successful po ulit yan! ikaw me gawa eh! hihi. ;) ---nuks! namenz! sila erma po kasi eh! hehe. salamat po sa isa pang update! :) i tell you! hindi po matutuloy yang kasal! pipigilan ko nga po eh! haahha. chos! I BELIEVE IN YOU! alam ko pong di nyo rin hahayaan yun! :P next na po ulit! :)) ako na demanding. :))

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